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Liqueur Dr. Kramer

Natural charm, spa spring vigour, and down-to-earth craft production have come together in the Slovak liqueur Dr.Kramer. It is produced by maceration of 14 medicinal herbs, which have been perfectly balanced by a relatively strong alcohol volume. This creates a liqueur that surprises with its lightness, harmony of flavours and strength at the same time.

The design was created in cooperation with Slovak designers from the PERGAMEN studio. The liqueur bottle depicts the history of the city, reveals the evidence of the spa tradition of Trenčianske Teplice, and evokes the style and nobility of the Art Deco era at the same time.. 



Fresh honeydew, motherwort, anise, and elderberries spiced with the tones of vanilla and cinnamon, enveloped in a rose and lavender scent.

Volume of alcohol in the bottle 36%
Bottle size 0.5l

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